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Chemistry Analyzer ZS 400


An automated floor stand chemistry solution customized for mid to high volume chemistry analysis


ZS400 is a floor stand automated chemistry analyzer. It is the ideal solution for clinical chemistry testing in medium volume laboratories. It is optimized for the use with Zybio reagents. In addition, with a comprehensive test menu and easy integration of STAT samples, it supports testing of both routine clinical panels and rapid turnaround critical care markers.


  • Random access, support STAT function
  • Advanced grating optical photometer, 12 wavelengths
  • 24-hour refrigeration for reagent disk
  • Reagent & sample recognition via barcode, bilateral LIS
  • Probe carry-over: ≤0.005%
  • Reaction volume: 90μL-450μL
  • Water consumption: ≤ 7L/Hl
  • Dimension (mm): 1250(W) x 820(D) x1100(H)
  • Weight: ≤200kg


ZS 400

Chemistry Analyzer ZS400

An Automated Floor Stand Chemistry Analyzer

Comprehensive supporting
detection system

>100itemOriginal reagents

Constant photometric


Optimum equilibrium point

High Performance

High resolution

Low consumption


Low consumption of water