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Hematology Analyzer Z3


A new generation 3-diff hematology analyzer


Z3 is a 3-diff hematology analyzer with 21 parameters and 3 histograms. It is designed for laboratories with low-volume workloads yet it is capable of serving medium or large laboratories as a back-up. This Z3 can deliver you confident results and optimize your workflow efficiency via its intuitive menu interface, simplified liquid handling system and highly integrated hardware module.


  • Throughput: 70 samples per hour
  • Parameters: 21 parameters, 3 histograms (WBC / RBC / PLT)
  • Sample volume: Venous blood/capillary blood 10 μL, Prediluted
  • capillary blood 20 μL
  • Well-designed pre-dilution interface to minimize misoperation
  • Thorough fault management, one click to resolve
  • Lyse is stored internally to ensure safety and simple operation
  • Input: 10.4-inch touch screen, mouse & keyboard (optional)
  • Output: Built-in recorder, external printer
  • Dimension (mm): 300(W) x 400(D) x 410(H)
  • Weight: < 20kg



Hematology Analyzer Z3 CRP

A new generation 3-diff hematology analyzer

Lyse built-in and compact design


Touch screen operation


Net weight

Sensitive,Easy-to-use ,Accurate

Provide a more comprehensive
inspection menu

carry over

mall Package
R2 Reagent built-in

Support review

Effectively support review

Innovative design
reduces misoperations

Two detection modes

Suction needle
side opening

Save time and worry with one click