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Hematology Analyzer Z3


Design of a 3-part Differential Automated Hematology Analyzer for laboratories with lowvolume workloads. It is capable of serving medium or large laboratories as a back-up.

  • Definition of a recognizable Zybio product language
  • Transfer to the design of the tabletop device


  • Ergonomic consideration
  • Derivation from design guidelines
  • Product design
  • Product graphics
  • Colour Concept (CMF)
  • continuous supervision of the implementation



Hematology Analyzer Z3 CRP

A new generation 3-diff hematology analyzer

Lyse built-in and compact design


Touch screen operation


Net weight

Sensitive,Easy-to-use ,Accurate

Provide a more comprehensive
inspection menu

carry over

mall Package
R2 Reagent built-in

Support review

Effectively support review

Innovative design
reduces misoperations

Two detection modes

Suction needle
side opening

Save time and worry with one click