Signage for Zybio Headquarters Building


Design of an overall guidance system for the new building of Zybio Headquarters, involving spaces including underground garages, lobbies, canteens, offices, laboratories, leisure, rooftop garden and other medical diagnostic areas.

The design extracts the element of water in Zybio CI, and combines it with the use of materials like glass and metal to present a brand new guidance system with corporate characteristics and consistent with the interior design and architectural style. Furthermore for each floor and each department own graphic symbols have been designed, which are finally integrated into a standardized design language.


  • Icons that translate topics into symbols

  • Definite multilingual wording

  • Use of legible typography







Zhongyuan Huiji Headquarters Building is located at No. 104 Cuibai Road, Dadukou District, Chongqing City, with a total of 15 floors. The internal functional areas of the building include: conference center, data center, reception, various functional departments, multimedia rooms, restaurants etc. - in total more than 120 rooms.

Yimumu was invited to design the signage for the entire building for Zhongyuan Huiji. The design is based on the concept of water and waves as a symbol for moving forward in the industry. The building material details and colors continuously strengthen the brand spirit of Zybio.

Wavy curves

The curve design element is used on the glass panels.
Printed waves reflect light and cast a shadow at the
same time.

Precise system of icons deepens the
impression on the brand.

Structural design, material selection,
lighting contrast, and sign presentation
must ensure the clarity of guidance
within the building.

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