GUI Design for Chemistry 
Analyzer ZS 400


Design of an automated floor standing device customized for mid to high volume chemistry analysis.

  • Definition of a recognizable Zybio product language

  • Transfer to the design of the device


  • Ergonomic considerations

  • Derivation from the design guidelines

  • Product design

  • Product graphic

  • Color concept (CMF)

  • Continuous support of the implementation

ZS 400

Chemistry Analyzer

An automated floor stand chemistry analyzer
customized for mid to high volume chemis-
try analysis

  • yimumu brought clarity to a complex
    device structure and thus increased
    user-friendliness for the laboratory staff.

  • yimumu pays attention to every design detail of the ZS400. The translucent plexiglass cover makes the internal structure more intuitive and visible.Ergono-mics and component layout improve the user experi-ence.

  • upper cover
    made of translucent plexiglass
  • reagent needle
  • illuminated on/off button
  • The dividing point of the
    left and right door is the golden section

Constant 400 photometric tests
per hour
offer a high efficiency