Quantitative Immunoassay 
Analyzer Q8


Design of a bench-top, automated analyzer. Using ready-to-use test cartridges, it is designed to easy operation, minimal maintenance and reliable performance. It provides valuable point-of-care test relating to diabetes, inflammation, cardiac, hormone, gastric and renal diseases. 6 independent working channels are provided aiming at fast and efficient diagnosis with minimal workload.

  • Definition of a recognizable Zybio product language
  • Transfer to the design of the tabletop device


  • Ergonomic consideration
  • Derivation from design guidelines
  • Product design
  • Product graphics
  • Colour Concept (CMF)
  • Continuous supervision of the implementation



Immunoassay Analyzer

An intelligent automated analyzer that requires
minimal workload

well-considered detailed solutions to
ensure a high user-friendliness

“ More than just intelligence, we have
more accurate and stable test results ”