[yimumu]We are an international design agency. With design, we pave the way for European compa-nies to enter the Asian market and Chinese companies to access Europe.
  • Team

    Everyone is creative, all members roll up their sleeves

    Everyone tackles the challenges and by that we mean that design, as in many agencies today, is not a delegation of a vague concept from the management board to the employees, who then take over the implementation. We all pick up a pen, roll up our sleeves - whatever it takes to achieve the high quality we persue.

  • Commitment

    Whats a well done job for us?

    If our products or services appear simple to the user, we have done a good job. Our briefing is often complex at the start of a project. Turning this complexity into something simple - that is our job.

  • Interdisciplinary

    We are are doctors, designers, engineers...

    A single perspective is not enough to create a successful product or service. Every profession is stuck in its point of view. In order to avoid tunnel vision, our team consists of 12 designers, doctors and engineers. The user type differs from project to project and is accordingly consulted in certain project phases. We think that the insight for usability can only be gained directly through the user.

  • belief

    Whatever we do, we do it 100%

    We have high expectations of the result of every project. We have to be satisfied before we deliver the result to our customers.

  • Our services

    We offer total solutions as we don`t want to trouble our clients with frictional losses and coordination efforts. From corporate identity, packaging, graphic design, product design, interior design, exhibition stand design, animation, sourcing, style guides to user experience design- we deliver the entire range from one provider. We work with customers who appreciate to dive deep with us.

  • Spirit

    We are individuals, but only together we can achieve the ideal solution for our clients...

    Our team consists of individuals - of course, but only together can we be strong. We aren`t lonely wolves, but the "pack" gives us the energy we need to make projects fly.

  • Relations

    The client and yimumu- we build a symbiosis

    The cooperation with our clients is always very close. They and we contribute equally to a good result.

  • Consensus

    What unites us.

    Apparently so different and at second glance so equal. What is astonishing are the almost identical values of our two cultures. We like to be on time, we are ambitious, long-term business relationships are important to us. And we have the determination to put our goals into practice.